Lighting Your Multifunctional Outdoor Living Space
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Lighting Your Multifunctional Outdoor Living Space

Posted on April 14, 2016

Outdoor lighting Colorado Springs

One of the biggest parts of a multifunctional outdoor living space (MODLS) is the lighting. As with any place, outdoor lighting in Colorado Springs is essential for times when the sun is not shining. Once the sun goes down behind the mountains, you’ll need a way to see in your MODLS just like in any other room of your house.

However, outdoor lighting is different from indoor lighting in a couple of ways. First, the weather outside impacts your MODLS in ways the rest of your house is insulated to. It snows in Colorado Springs. Your fixtures must not only fit your environment, but be the proper make and material to withstand weathering. Many indoor fixtures simply will not survive outside, but not only will fixtures designed for outdoor lighting in Colorado Springs withstand the weather, they will also complement your MODLS in ways indoor lighting cannot match.

The next difference between the two is that outdoor landscapes and architectural spaces differ in geometry and ambiance from those indoors. Rather than an enclosed space that can be floodlit with a single fixture that bounces off four walls, outdoor environments demand a more dynamic solution to illuminate your custom space. In doing so, they create a complementary feel to indoor rooms and a complexity to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

To do this, rather than attempting to light the entire space, certain keystone aspects of the design are highlighted with bright light and, much like painting, the gaps are filled in with softer light. This mixture of focus and background is as much of an art as the architectural design itself and can be skillfully sculpted to match your personal desires.

Outdoor lighting in Colorado Springs can be a daunting task. However, with the consultation of an expert and his or her unwavering hard work, your MODLS will be the crown jewel of your home.